March 13

wet pink camellia-

Pink camellia


2 thoughts on “March 13

  1. This could just be because of my personal taste, but to my eyes, this may be your finest work yet. At least it is between this and the white Magnolia of February 18th.

    Yes… I’ve just looked again, and that is still my favorite. This is a close runner up.

    I have two thoughts on this image. First, you nailed the lighting (compare with the Camellia bud on February 25th);

    Second, you’ve created an unobtrusive backdrop, which can be achieved either the way you’ve done it here or the way you did with the yellow Daffodils on February 24th and the second image of the Magnolia bloom on March 7th (compare with Camellia cluster February 28th and the first image of the magnolia bloom on March 7th).

    Your images are always incredible. But sometimes they are rather perfect.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comments, I’m so glad you like the photo and haven’t gotten bored yet with my flower focus.

      This image looked very ordinary to start with, except that the colors and sharpness of the flower were better than most of my shots from that day. Once I decided to darken the rest of the image I started to like it a lot more. Getting clean backgrounds in the gardens is hard, so cleaning up the backgrounds in post is one of my biggest challenges.

      I really appreciate your comments about backgrounds, that’s prompting me to pay more attention to that. I’m glad you didn’t think that second tulip photo was too busy. The light hit the bloom just enough to give it some separation from the background — at least more than in similar shots. I wish I could say that I saw it in camera, but I often don’t see what I like until I am looking at the images enlarged on my computer screen.

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